Fu Bu Guo San Dai

There's a well-know Chinese proverb 富不過三代 stating that a family only keeps its wealth for 3 generations.

Added to this, we all know that our salaries shrink over time.

To overcome this, you'll need to partner with Dawn to create your own family heritage design & wealth strategy now.


Benefits of Heritage Design

  • Prevents your salary from shrinking
  • Brings your family together
  • Family works on a common purpose
  • Builds your family's wealth away from their businesses
  • Reduces inheritance tax
  • Help charities instead of paying tax
  • Makes your salary bigger over time
  • Prevents future generations wasting the family fortune
  • Accountants know that inheriting US$100k and above can destroy a person's life
  • Teaches future generations a healthy relationship with money
  • All super rich families use this heritage design strategy
  • Nathan Rothschild: "It's difficult to make a fortune, and it's 10x difficult to keep it"
Other Costs

How Does Heritage Design Work?

  • Teaches the whole family a healthy relationship with money
  • Shows the next generation how to manage their inheritance and how to keep it
  • Landlords grow rich in their sleep.
    so Dawn uses strategic, well-known and trusted property investment strategies
  • Investments in the UK, and other safe areas world-wide
  • UK offers great protection with its constitution written in 1215
  • Only safe investment strategies are used
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